“Art, Apparel, and the Odd Things in Life.”

These are just a few of the many things that have influenced and inspired the creation of Oddity & Co. With the goal of continuous growth and evolution, Oddity & Company is a business focused on spreading love, acceptance, and positivity through various mediums that it can get itself into. Whether it be through apparel or various videos and short films, Oddity & Company is centered around the idea of embracing the odd.

What Do We Do?

Oddity & Company specializes in celebrating the odd and embracing the uniqueness in life through art, apparel, and film/media. Not fitting into one specific category like typical businesses, Oddity & Co. aims to spread love and positivity through various mediums. Pairing the use of multiple art forms and adhering to its own structure, Oddity & Company plans on being its own unique entity and embarking  on an adventure to spread joy in whatever way it can.