About Oddity & Company

“Art, Apparel, and the Odd Things in Life.”

These are just a few of the many things that have influenced and inspired the creation of Oddity & Co. With the goal of continuous growth and evolution, Oddity & Company is a business focused on spreading love, acceptance, and positivity through various mediums that it can get itself into. Whether it be through apparel, various videos and short films, or through the music industry and showcasing inspiring artists, Oddity & Company is centered around the idea of embracing the odd and finding pride within individuality.

What Do We Do?

Oddity & Company specializes in celebrating the “odd” and embracing the uniqueness in life through art, apparel, and film/media. Not fitting into one specific category like typical businesses, Oddity & Co. aims to spread love and positivity through various mediums. Pairing the use of multiple art forms, Oddity & Company plans on being its own unique entity and embarking  on an adventure to spread joy in whatever way it can.

We emphasize the importance of individuality through clothing, music, and film. We design all of our apparel designs in-house, and work hard to provide quality material for the people wearing our merchandise. You can find our merch in our shop!

On our blog and live show gallery, we showcase artists and music that we find fitting with our brand. We provide coverage, interviews, and live show reviews for artists that hold to their own style and project a sense of pride in their individuality. The artists and musicians that we showcase also present a strong sense of passion and positivity for their audiences through their music.