It Finally Happened.

After two years of researching¬†and planning, I’ve finally turned my dream into a reality. I’ve birthed Oddity & Company.

It wasn’t a question that sooner or later I, Desiree Tolentino, was going to open up her own business. Constantly discussing ideas and outlines with my closest friends and trusted peers, I have always been eager to conceive and birth a massive company that represented everything I’ve ever believed in or lived by. When I had made the conscious decision to embark on my own road that was built on my own strengths and creativity by studying literature and film, developing a business of my own was always in my line of vision.

I spent every single moment that I had open, thinking about what I wanted my company to be and where I wanted it to go. The only problem was that I could never put my finger on one genre or category.

And then it hit me…

My company wasn’t going to be like other conventional businesses. It wasn’t going to stick to one place. It was going to be everything that I would be. It was going to travel with me and grow with me and learn with me. I then realized that I wanted to start a beautiful, multi-faceted company that captured the essence of love, acceptance, and hope through art, apparel, and the odd things in life that we constantly look over. It was an oddity in itself. This was it: Oddity & Company.

And sure, it isn’t going to be easy or fit into the typical business model that everyone follows, but I don’t think I want it to. Yes, I want to have a format and organization! But I don’t think my company was meant to fit into conventional forms. Oddity & Co. is its own little baby mammoth that will one day make its way into a “successful” category, but for right now, it’s taking its baby steps into the real world.

So here it is.

I did it. I launched Oddity & Co. into the technological oblivion of the internet, and on St. Patrick’s Day no less. What a beautiful day to birth a company, right? All I’m wishing for is a little bit of luck as I try and spread love and positivity in any means I can –with no actual limits in the business world.