What We’re Listening To: March 2017

Let’s get down to it. March has been one hectic month for us, and I bet it’s been extremely difficult for each of you as well. And we’re still in the beginning parts of the week?! Lord help us all.

Between spring cleaning, the continuity of 2017’s momentum for the year, and the heavy release of pollen in the air, March has been a roller coaster. Personally, it’s truly been hard to keep focus when all the stresses of the surrounding world tries to rip me apart and keep me in an ambiguous and dreary, nonproductive state. And like most, one thing that keeps me going is music.

A big aspect of Oddity & Company IS music and its influence on the world.

Music is such a fluid and easily relatable medium that all of us as individuals can attach ourselves to. I personally am the most inspired when listening to music and tuning out the harshness and drab nature of the world, and I’d like to share that with you. So without further adieu, here are some hits to fill up your ears and your hearts and make you feel a little bit better about March Madness:

  1. “Going Gets Tough” by the Growlers

If you know me, you know I love the Growlers with a passion. (Dare I say, they’re my favorite band?) “Going Gets Tough” will always ring near my heart and carry me through the tough times in my life. As I muster through the thigh-high mountain of paper work and press releases, I play this uplifting jam and fight back the tears.

2. “Dog Years” by Maggie Rogers

There’s a certain trait that a talented musician has that can capture your entire soul with a single note. This. Girl. Has. It. Between her hit song, “Alaska” and this little jamaroonie, I can never let temporary anxiety or depression get the best of me. Her tranquil voice and her outstanding sound and production will continue to grant me peace, even past the month of March.

3. “Suicide Saturday” by Hippo Campus

These boys, man. I love their vibe. I love their style. I love their “hometown boys” feel. Hippo Campus is DEFINITELY in the lines of the “up and coming” in the music industry, and they truly deserve it! This song is PERFECT to listen to on a drive with a pal down the freeway or for cleaning up the house and dancing around like an idiot. Listen to them. Do it.

4. “Dear to Me” by Electric Guest

This song right here hits my dance chords like no other. Guaranteed to make your heart light and free your mind from all stresses, this tune dances into my heart every time that I play it in the office. Asa Taccone’s beautiful voice and Matthew Compton’s beats will make your day ten times better. No doubt.

5. “ILYSB (LIVE in Los Angeles)” by LANY

Last but not least, I gotta give you a LANY tune because honestly? LANY lifts my heart up from under the two-ton truck that life runs me over with. And as crazy as I can get for the album version of ILYSB, this live version that they played in Los Angeles makes my heart catch within my chest. After long days made up of commutes across town, the mundane workload from the job and school, this song is a nice little getaway for your ears to hear. Plus these guys are complete hunks that are completely worthy of a good ol’ swooning.

Trust me, there are more songs that can help cure the March Madness that I’ve got up my little sleeves, but these are definitely my top five. I’ve got to get back to editing photos, perfecting my craft, and focusing up on building this little love child of a business, but I can guarantee that these songs will be playing.