What’s Been Going On at Oddity & Co.?

Yes. It’s true. I have officially pushed our grand opening to a later date. Let me explain…

Life has a funny way of working, huh? When you finally decide where you belong in the world and you stand confidently on that thought, the world as you know it seems to bring the ruckus. And if you’ve ever stepped out on a dream, you can relate. Well when I soft-launched this company, I hit a nerve in the universe. I called out into nature and demanded a place to belong in the world. I knocked on the doors of the Almighty and firmly asked for opportunity and growth, and that’s exactly what I got. What I failed to realize was that in order for me to receive opportunity, I needed to grow and sometimes growing hurts.

Here’s what’s been happening on my side:
Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino

In March, I had released our soft launch as a company and opened up our social medias and online content channels. Single-handedly running the company’s online platforms and stirring a notable amount of commotion and curiosity for Oddity and Co., my juggling began.

Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for Portugal. the Man at their 2017 tour

Tossing in new opportunities to shoot for bands like Portugal. the Man and getting offers to interview various community leaders, I saw these opportunities as keys to my growth as a business creator and owner.  My personal experience in Live Concert Photography and the joy that I get from being a journalist will always play a part in my company –this company– and will have a key role in Oddity & Company until we shut down (which hopefully never happens). Because of this, I believed that as long as I keep up in my press gigs and continue to build my repertoire, I can build my audience and funnel them *flawlessly* into this company. I began to feel like I was burning my personal fuse faster than humanly possible in order to create this particular explosion and was attempting to catapult Oddity & Company along with my own personal branding an explosive rate. And let me tell you, as wonderful as those experiences were to be apart of, I didn’t know which way I wanted to blow up. I just wanted to blow up and as high as possible (which is a TERRIBLE place to be if you’re trying to actually build a foundation for your career and business). I was starting to fizzle with no pop, and I was only just starting out.

Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino
Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino

April through me into a tailspin. It was by far, the HARDEST and MOST DIFFICULT month to muscle through this year. Between the tightrope act that I was playing in my academics (as a senior in college) to struggling to pick up concerts and bands to photograph, I felt like the entire world wanted me to fail and fail quickly. Nothing seemed to work in my favor, and when anything did, it felt like it was never built to last –not even for days at a time. Disappointment and falling out happened consistently, and the life of Oddity & Co seemed short-lived and quick-to-die. As an artist, I was burnt out and constantly ran over.

Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for LANY on the LANY tour.

I lost inspiration and drive, and if you knew me, that was wildly uncommon and out-of-character. 100 to 0, real quick. I was constantly in an anxious state and crying out, searching for gratification towards my hard work for the times previous. When I finally got the bug to actually create and finally produced the designs and plans that I wanted, I was always put on pause. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. I wanted my first shirts printed? Not enough money. When I got enough money? Not traction. Got enough money to order and enough sizes to play with? Not enough time. It was like the universe declined my ideas and shut me down before I could launch anything. This was a toxic and sour place for me to be. My mindset was erupting and plummeting into the Las Vegas boneyard. I was a zombie searching for any sign of life. Pure darkness, aye? Well it’s always darkest before the dawn. Towards the end of the month, I began a mantra that would change my mindset and recharge the energy that I once had. And it worked… I was given the opportunity to shoot for LANY in Tucson, AZ. Not only was this huge for me, given that LANY is one of my favorite artists at the moment, but I got to cross the state lines and that’s always my favorite thing to do. It was a glimmer of light at the end of my darkest road.

So here we are. And before I say anything, let me preface you and tell you that I’ve been declaring that May will be my month. Because of the pre-planned events I had in mind and trips I am going on, something about May just seemed to be quite hopeful even in months prior–magical, even. We’re four days in, and already, things are turning into gold. I feel like I’m really being blessed for the hard times I was experiencing before in the months previous. Between winning contests (which is RARE for me), being offered to shoot for the Growlers later this week, and running into Brandon Flowers of the Killers in a sketchy family mart in Downtown LV, I seem to have been hitting my lucky streak. It isn’t over yet, either…. and that’s the beauty of life. Life will always go on, and days will continue to get brighter if you believe that they will.

I don’t know what will come for the remainder of the month. I don’t know what the world holds in general. But what I do know is that I’m back and better than ever. I’m ready for you all to see what I’m made of. Here we go.

Sometimes you have to wait for THE perfect moment to release your baby into the earth, you know? So that’s what I’m doing. And with that being said and with this roller coaster hitting the high notes….

Oddity & Company’s Grand Opening will be in June 2017. Hope you join us.

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