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Why BØRNS’s New Song, “Faded Heart”, is What We Live For

Garrett Borns has done it again and given us a cinematic masterpiece of a video for his newest single, “Faded Heart”.

Since the release of his last album, Dopamine, Borns and his band have been under wraps and hiding until now. Releasing snippets and videos as a precursor to this release, the man and the band have given us transient and ethereal material to leave us anxious for the album.

Never disappointing, Borns gives us a beautiful video for his newest single.

Shot the most creative of intentions and fantastical designing, the video screams fun and compliments the ultimate Borns aesthetic. And as you guessed, the man is head-to-toe in his favorite designer, Gucci.

Going back-and-forth with modern and Super8 cameras, Borns provide us with a beautiful getaway visually, as well as a danceable tune to play on repeat for hours and hours. Borns has blessed us by renewing his sound and still sticking with his very comedic and stylish personality.

We can’t wait to see what else he has next for us on his upcoming album!

If his “Search for the Lost Sounds” series tells us anything, we’re in for a treat. The man’s hilarity and subliminal messaging in his creative, energy-charged web series brings us nothing but laughs and anticipation.

Garrett Borns is never afraid to embrace the weird when it comes to style or music. He exudes confidence and self-acceptance. Artists like him are much appreciated for their fearlessness of their own personal style.