What’s In a Name: How We Chose Our Company Name

Since I began my journey towards a bachelor’s degree in 2013, I have grown to have a strong relationship and appreciation with older music –music from 1940s to the late 1980s of almost every genre.

In general, I grew up listening to classic rock, new wave, and classic R&B, so this strong relationship has been a long-time coming. Attaching myself to lyrics and setting up a certain type of mood through music choice, I took it upon myself to diversify my music archives and influences. From Etta James to Aerosmith, my heart grew emotionally through song as I grew in my years in secondary education and eventually helped me decide what I wanted to do as a life-long career (or multiple careers, in my case…)

And then I found a song that would ultimately influence my dream of inspiring others to create. That song? “Space Oddity” by none other than the outstanding David Bowie.

David Bowie, as a whole, has always inspired me in fashion and writing. He was never afraid to be himself or take on the role of a particularly peculiar persona. When it came to the ultimate meditation upon his hit, “Space Oddity”, I was entranced by the intergalactic dream field that he was presenting the world. The lyrics perplexed and inspired me. My interpretation of the song then fell into the idea that I need to step out into the unknown and create a company because “Planet Earth is blue” but there WAS and IS something I could do about it…. Even if it’s just a small part.

“Space Oddity” also held me up through a terrible time in my life.

I began my journey to self-acceptance and self-forgiveness because of this song in particular. I figured out my “truth” through the influence that this song had on me. It played as parallel: a beautiful disconnect and catalyst in my life that had me re-evaluate my previous beliefs and forgive myself of my past faults and geared me up to venture out on this journey of spreading positivity, acceptance, and light.

So I decided. My company should be called, “Oddity & Company”, and it would be the hub for anybody to saturate themselves with creativity and pride in individuality.

Was this a statement of direct inspiration? Sure. Reminiscent of Bowie and his complex nature, himself? The shoe fits! But let it be known that my company would be a product of hard work, self-care, and the inspiration to create a community surrounded by the love (both interior and exterior) and pride in individuality. Everyone is an oddity, themselves, if you think about it. Why not join together and appreciate things in life that make us who we are?

With that being said, I hope this story about a vital piece of our company leaves you somewhat light-hearted and inspired. And if you have a dream and are striving towards it, “check ignitions, and may God’s love be with you.”

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