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Father John Misty Brings “Pure Comedy” to Las Vegas

Earlier this month, Father John Misty made his way down to the Las Vegas valley to perform songs from his newest album, Pure Comedy.

Josh Tillman and his band, (making up Father John Misty as a whole), had set the night up with the ambient sounds of Weyes Blood as the opener, a warm atmosphere, and the blatantly honest lyrics written by Tillman himself.

Getting down to it, Tillman sang with conviction, feeling, and danced along to almost every song. Talking about political issues, harsh realities of the millennial generations, and his own life experiences, he performed with such wonderful stage presence and movement. Even interactions with the crowd were comical itself as the frontman ad-libbed and talked between songs.

Featuring both his new and old music, Father John Misty did not disappoint. With great lighting and stunning visuals, Father John Misty gave the crowd their ticket’s worth and more.

With his long awaited third installment, Pure Comedy, Father John Misty provides even more of his cynical outlook on the media, politics, and trends in his latest album. Carrying on a similar yet growing theme of Tillman’s forthright outlook on society and the truths about life, Josh performed with such honesty and yet still presented everything in his signature style.

Father John Misty is officially finished with their current tour dates in the US, but they are hitting the road in Europe starting November for the European leg of the Pure Comedy tour.

Josh Tillman and his band are definitely something special to see live and in person. Check out Father John Misty’s newest album and any shows near you at: 

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