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Real Friends Release New Music Video: “From the Outside”

After months of recording songs for the highly-anticipated third album, Real Friends have returned with a new release, “From the Outside”, and it does not disappoint.

Capturing a different style and sound than their previous records, the coined “Illinois Sad Boys” have released a single that delivers a very transparent message about personal struggles, inner turmoil, and reflects on the band’s previous statements about mental health.

“On the inside I’m still sick. The pill is a temporary fix.”

Notably speaking about important issues and being transparent/honest with their own struggles, the guys from Real Friends speak up for the things that they stand for. Mental health is nothing less. The band is not shy about speaking up about seeking help and breaking down the stigma of therapy at live shows as well as social media.

The video for “From the Outside” is a polychromatic spectacle for the eyes as it shows different scenes of the band performing and various depictions of the song’s overlying message about inner struggle and using temporary ways to get by.

The band’s David Knox tweets: “We have a new ASS SHAKER out. I hope you enjoy it.”

We sure did, Dave. We sure did.

Catch Real Friends on this year’s Vans Warped Tour throughout the country:

June 21 – Pomona, CA
June 22 – San Diego, CA
June 23 – Mountain View, CA
June 24 – Ventura, CA
June 28 – Phoenix, AZ
June 29 – Las Vegas, NV
June 30 – Salt Lake City, UT
July 1 – Denver, CO
July 3 – St. Louis, MO
July 5 – Bonner Springs, KS
July 6 – Dallas, TX
July 7 – San Antonio, TX
July 8 – Houston, TX
July 10 – Nashville, TN
July 12 – Virginia Beach, VA
July 13 – Camden, NJ
July 14 – Holmdel, NJ
July 15 – Hartford, CT
July 16 – Burgettstown, PA
July 17 – Toronto, ON, CND
July 18 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH
July 19 – Cincinnati, OH
July 20 – Detroit, MI
July 21 – Tinley Park, IL
July 22 – Shakopee, MN
July 23 – Milwaukee, WI
July 24 – Noblesville, IN
July 25 – Darien Center, NY
July 26 – Scranton, PA
July 27 – Mansfield, MA
July 28 – Wantagh, NY
July 29 – Columbia, MD
July 30 – Charlotte, NC
July 31 – Atlanta, GA
Aug. 2 – Jacksonville, FL
Aug. 3 – Orlando, FL
Aug. 4 – Tampa, FL
Aug. 5 – West Palm Beach, FL

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