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Pusha T Presents New Music Video: “If You Know You Know”

With the release of his latest album, DAYTONA, the G.O.O.D. Music president shows fans that he is lock and loaded for the hip-hop game with this intense video.

Directed by Shomi Patwary, “If You Know You Know” begins with Pusha T cruising through the desert with an exotic, all-white Lamborghini. As he spits bars about the drug-dealing and hip-hop lifestyle, an unfortunate turn occurs when the police pull King Push over.

The officer calls in for back-up, and two more armed officers surround the rapper with a K-9 unit. As the officers interrogate Pusha T to surrender, distorted images of the police and a snarling, red-eyed K-9 unit appear. Lightning strikes at the background of the scene, leading to the rapper’s demise.

The visual also captures a glimpse of the “To Protect and Serve” motto, a clear illustration that contradicts America’s justice system towards African-Americans. Pusha T demonstrates that despite his success, the police makes a run-in with him due to the color of his skin (hence, the phrase Driving While Black). He touches on the issues minorities face when dealing with the police. Check out the music video!

To listen to DAYTONA, click the link here.

King Push will host a tour to celebrate the album. According to Pitchfork, his shows are as follows for 2018.

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