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The Internet Returns With Their New Album “Hive Mind”

Succeeding from their Grammy-nominated album, Ego Death, The Internet debut their fourth studio album Hive Mind.

The album consists of thirteen funky, smooth, and hypnotic tracks that seem like you’re in a live jam session. Each song blends the mellow, soulful, and upbeat attitude that this band embraces.

Syd The Kyd (vocals), Steve Lacy (vocals, guitarist), Patrick Paige II (bass guitarist), Christopher Smith (drums), and Matt Martians (vocals, keyboard) make up The Internet.

After the release of Ego Death, each member wanted to build a name for themselves by working on their solo projects. In 2017, Syd released Fin and Steve dropped Steve Lacy’s Demo. Both works received critical acclaim from fans. As their solo careers are on the rise, the Internet decided it was time to reunite and create this gem of an album.

According to Donna-Claire Chessman from DJ Booth, the band explained the purpose behind the title of Hive Mind.

Patrick Paige II told Chessman, “We come together; we’re a hive mind. We’re like the Megazord. It’s literally five Power Rangers that come together to make the Megazord.”

Matt Martians agreed with Patrick’s outlook when he spoke to Eric Skelton from Pigeons and Planes. “A hive mind is a collective ego. When people are together, they have a collective mindset. When we’re together, we all have a common goal and we move in the same direction.”

That’s exactly what the band accomplished with tracks like “Come Together,” “Come Over,” “Roll (Burbank Funk),” “Mood,” “It Gets Better (In Time),” and “Hold On.” The album shifts from intimacy to the house party aesthetic with loose vocals and bold instrumentals. It grabs the listener’s attention as the band invites them into their world of love and ambition.

Hive Mind is a celebration that The Internet is reaching the pinnacle of their music careers.




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