Hozier Delivers Three, Sold-Out Performances with Perfection in Los Angeles!

Hozier is back and performing throughout the USA with a ferocious spirit.

Taking along his wonderful openers, Hudson Taylor, Hozier is rekindling the love between him and his US audience with an outstanding, new live performance. Selling out a three-day, three-performance set at the Wiltern in Los Angeles as well as more than 60% of his headlining tour dates, it’s safe to say that the doom soul king has come back with a vengeance.

Opening every night with anthemic chants and danceable melodies, Hudson Taylor opened up every show with a beautiful set.

Bringing their unique sound and style to the forefront of the tour and giving their all during their set every night, you can feel the passion that the band has. Opening up every night, Hudson Taylor created the best atmosphere and helped set up the night with their uplifting and heart-warming music.

Hozier’s new setlist and live show is an absolute adventure that captures the beauty of the first, self-titled LP and his latest EP, Nina Cried Power. 

Hitting all the right notes, Hozier gave the audiences a treat as he pulled together the best parts of his self-titled album and the deep cuts from his newest EP. The set flowed well and so effortlessly, and the audiences received it with absolute delight. It’s no wonder the show was and is sold out throughout the country. Hozier delivers so effortlessly and does not disappoint.

Hozier’s live shows and future tours look promising from this point.

Every show from this point on is sold out, and rightfully so. Keep up-to-date with Hozier at hozier.com and do what you can to see the forest king live before it sells out on the next round of shows, wherever you are in the world. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.