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Tori Kelly Closes Out Her Hiding Place Tour

Tori Kelly ended her Hiding Place Tour with two sold out nights at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.

Photo Source: Justine To for Tori Kelly

Following her two year hiatus from music, Kelly released an album that she felt necessary to share with others. Hiding Place, a gospel album, is completely different than what she expected from herself. Wanting to release only one gospel song, she ended up creating a whole album. Growing up religious, it’s what shaped her to become who she is and she wanted to create an album reflecting that.

At the beginning of her show, she made sure to let the crowd know that her shows are a safe place. It’s a place of love, unity and respect towards one another.

Alongside her new songs, she played many fan favorites from her previous albums. The crowd was energized as they were singing and dancing to her songs. Towards the end of the night, Kelly was emotional as her tour was ending. She stated that though this is the end of a chapter, it was also a beginning of another one.

Photo Source: Justine To for Tori Kelly
Photo Source: Justine To for Tori Kelly

She closed out the show with the first hit off her latest album, called Never Alone.

Her band mates came out in hoodies spelling out “TORI” as her friends and family come to dance on stage to commemorate the night.

With a voice as incredible as hers, Tori Kelly is definitely someone you don’t want to miss out on.

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