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The Aces Sell Out Rickshaw Stop On Their First Headlining Tour

The Aces are the kick ass girl group that we’ve been waiting for.

They hail from Provo, the third largest city in Utah. Their careers first started as an after school pastime, and led to something real when they released their single “Stuck” in 2016. The band consists of a group of best friends – sisters Cristal (lead vocals, guitar) and Alisa (drums) Ramirez, Katie Henderson (lead guitar and vocals) and Mckenna Petty (bass).

Photo Source: Justine To for the Aces
Photo Source: Justine To for the Aces

After opening for 5 Seconds of Summer during their tour last year, they announced their first headlining tour. Seeing they were on the up and coming, their tour became a huge hit! Tickets sold quickly as no one wanted to miss out on these amazing women and their powerful music.

Photo Source: Justine To for the Aces

They released their first EP titled “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” almost a year ago, and boy did mine feel volcanic seeing them perform it live. Their 80s inspired music had us feeling like we were in a dream. The crowd could not wait to see them on stage, as the chants got louder and louder right before they started. They kept the energy and love going song after song, as Cristal interacted with their fans every chance she could.

They made sure to thank the crowd for their love and support, helping them get their first headlining tour to be a sold out one.

Photo Source: Justine To for the Aces
If you ever see that The Aces are in town, make sure to grab yourself a ticket as it’ll be an experience you don’t want to miss.
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