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Music Monday: DTR Playlist

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if no one ever had to ask, “what are we?” 

Anyone who watched MTV’s teen dramedy series, Awkward, is familiar with the cringe-worthy experience of defining the relation (DTR). For some, this nausea-inducing experience is best to be avoided. 

Instead, people are satisfied with the label-less gray area known as a Situationship. 

This type of non-relationship — probably the ugliest creature in the dating world — is the romantic purgatory where one or both parties can’t or won’t commit.

Whether that’s freeing, confusing, or frustrating, we’ve curated a playlist that touches on the drama of it all.

Situationships are complicated. You aren’t a couple, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t exclusive. That may be a hard topic of discussion, but trust Ariana Grande and Social House’s “Boyfriend” to convey that message for you.

You ain’t my boyfriend (Boyfriend)
And I ain’t your girlfriend (Girlfriend)
But you don’t want me to see nobody else
And I don’t want you to see nobody

Maybe you have tried to DTR, but the other person was not having it. Yikes. At least Four of Diamonds’ “Name On It” proves that you are not alone. 

I give my body
It must count for something
Every time I talk ’bout love
You don’t say nothing

Rounding out the full “what does this mean” experience, Sabrina Carpenter’s “I’m Fakin,” confirms what we all know. Even when you say it’s over, it probably isn’t.

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i’m fakin out now. #SingularAct2 out this Friday 7/19

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I’m slamming the door, but I’m staying
I make up my mind and I change it
It’s you that I want when we’re breaking
Every time I tell you that we’re done, I’m faking

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