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Daniel Cormier: the Loser Who Won

***Update (as of August 17, 2019): Daniel Cormier lost his fight against Stipe Miocic days after this article was published***

Daniel “DC” Cormier is a loser.

It’s a shocking fact about the UFC’s Heavyweight champion that newcomers to MMA would definitely question. Some may say, “if he’s such a loser, why is he heavyweight champ?!”My response: he’s the champ BECAUSE he’s a loser.

Losses can define a fighter’s career but losing has been a theme in DC’s life.

It began when he lost his father at the age of seven. He was defeated and his opportunity to become an All-American wrestler during his first year at OSU. The next year, he was beat by Cael Sanderson in the national finals. Cormier then came in fourth place in his first Olympics and pulled out due to illness in his second. It was no different in the Wrestling World Championships. 

At the age of thirty, Daniel Cormier decided to pursue MMA and started winning.

Being undefeated was Cormier’s calling card as he rose up the ranks to challenge for the UFC light heavyweight title. Cormier, self-proclaimed “King of the Grind”, embraces hard work and dedication to the sport, and his family.  

Standing across from him in the octagon was Jon Jones. Jones is his antithesis. Physically gifted with incredible advantages, Jones posed as the perfect challenger to break DC’s losing streak. Jones’s reputation is stereotypical of a man that doesn’t need to train seriously and parties weekends before fights. Jones was the last hurdle between Cormier and redemption from a life of losing. 

After one of the most hype build-ups ever for a UFC fight, DC had taken yet another loss. And as any graceful victor would, Jones later proclaimed that he “hopes [DC] is somewhere crying right now.”

The aftermath of the fight led the the two careers to veer in wildly different directions. Jon Jones was stripped of his belt after a hit and run incident involving a pregnant woman, resulted in her suffering serious fractures to her arm. Jones would flee the scene and hide until he spoke to his lawyers, and later surrendered himself to authorities. 

DC would go on to win the vacant championship and defend it multiple times — building up to one of the biggest rematches in MMA history. For DC, it was another chance to make the world fair for 25 minutes.

Jones came in and eventually found an opening to knock Daniel Cormier out. Visibly distraught and sobbing in the octagon, DC had once again lost. After the match, Jon Jones tested positive for steroids, and the result became a ‘no contest’.

Cormier got the belt back and defended once before going for it all. He challenged the longest-reigning Heavyweight champ in UFC history, and in an absolute shocker, KO’d him in the very first round. This weekend, they will dance one more time.

DC finally made it to the top of the mountain. The next chapter is on Saturday night with a possible Jones fight on the horizon.


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