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Revamp Your Instagram Aesthetic With These Las Vegas Attractions

For those of us who are no longer in school, our Instagram’s transition from Hot Girl Summer into Family-Friendly Fall can be tricky without the buffer of Financial Aid Funded Flexes.

Fortunately for Las Vegas visitors and locals, there are plenty of opportunities to elevate your feed, especially during festival season.

While, for the most part, photographers desired locations are permanent fixtures of the area, a few destinations are temporary and should be planned for accordingly. 

Taking over as the places to be, to be seen, the following limited-time events are peek post-worthy locations.

HAPPY PLACE: August 2019 – February 2020

The HAPPY PLACE is definitely not “The Good Place.” From rubber duckies to a holey field of flowers, everything here was actually made for your enjoyment. Touring this colorful pop-up will cost you under $40 for an hour of social media jackpot material. The exhibit is great for families, and perfect for trendy folks ready to stunt on the gram. As a guaranteed like-factory, surely this one is a no-brainer. Please say hi to Cornelius for us when you go.

Caption suggestions:

“Is this what the upside-down looks like?”

“With my mane bae.”

“Obviously I have a few chips on my shoulder.”

Life Is Beautiful: September 20-22, 2019

 HBO’s Euphoria did so much for us in terms of style inspiration. Doniella Davy and Heidi Bivens are geniuses that deserve nothing but praise. Considering imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you can bet Life Is Beautiful 2019 will be a tribute to them. You probably spent the remainder of your summer trying to reference or recreate some of the looks, so now is the time to channel Maddy and show off. While the price ranges from $145 to $2,750 (plus tax), this annual festival will bring you a renewed appreciation for how beautiful life can be when curated art, entertainment, and food is involved. It will also provide you with almost too many photo opportunities.

Caption suggestions:

“I definitely haven’t reached my full power. – Euphoria”

“A piece of art supporting the arts.”

“Suddenly the whole world goes dark, and nothing else matters except the person standing in front of you. – Euphoria”

Storm Area 51: September 19-22, 2019

Although we wouldn’t recommend this, they can’t stop all of us, right? We jest . . . Unless? If you’re ready to join the ranks of Kyles and Naruto runners, you might as well dress accordingly and take as many pieces of photo *evidence* as you can. That said, it’s best if you don’t show up. Instead, keep an eye out for the temporarily approved events, ‘Alienstock‘ and ‘Storm Area 51 Basecamp.’  These festivals, while still in their development stages, claim to offer music, food, and camping. Unfortunately, however, they cannot confirm extraterrestrial guests.

Caption suggestions:

“Is there an alien return policy?”

“Area fifty-fun.”

“Are aliens going to clap these cheeks or naw?”

If you are planning a photoshoot, don’t forget to also check out some permanent picturesque Las Vegas Locations, including:

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