Falling Inn Love…With New Zealand: A Review

Falling Inn Love is a light and forgettable rom-com that will make you long for a New Zealand getaway.

The film is centered around Gabriela (played by Christina Milian) and her life as a busy San Francisco businesswoman whose future in building greenhouses takes a turn for the worst. Quickly, her life is flipped upside-down as she wins an inn that’s located in a small New Zealand town from a late-night, drunken online raffle. Gabriela then moves across the ocean to discover that the inn isn’t so much a charming bed and breakfast as it is a serious fixer-upper. The pipes leak, the roof has several holes, and her only guest is a renegade goat.

Alas! Our lesson? Nothing is what it seems on the internet.

Luckily for Gabriela, the locals are welcoming and helpful, especially the handsome contractor Jake (played by Adam Demos). But Gabriela isn’t easily swayed by a pair of blue-sky eyes –she’s a strong, independent woman. She relies on him because he is the only contractor in town. The clash between the two is a classic city-life versus country-life debacle. As Gabriela and Jake renovate the house, comic mishaps and a de rigueur karaoke session ensues. And the ending? You’ll have to watch it to find out, (but you could probably guess and get the right answer).

There are some genuine moments in this “by the numbers” rom-com. The supporting players manage to project depth and humanity. Even the rival B&B owner’s portrayal doesn’t fall into the typical caricature. However, it is so light and forgettable that you suspect the real reason for its creation was to boost tourism.

The New Zealand countryside is truly the real star of this film. It is peppered with so many Kiwi-isms and small-town moments that make it even more charming. The rolling hills are always sun-kissed. The beaches are perfect. The weather seems temperate.

Falling Inn Love is best watched with a glass of buttery Chardonnay in hand and tongue firmly in cheek.

Falling Inn Love is (PG) streaming now on Netflix. It stars Christina Milian, Adam Demos, Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman, Anna Jullienne, and Claire Chitham.

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