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Remembering Mac Miller One Year After His Death

Fans, family, and fellow hip-hop artists are still in disbelief that a year has passed since the tragic death of Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller.

On the eve of the one-year anniversary (Sept. 6), The Mac Miller Memoir organized an event to celebrate the rapper’s life. Held at Frick Park’s Blue Side Park playground, fans from around the world paid tribute to Mac by blasting, dancing, and rapping to his music.

According to Pam Surano from KDKA CBS Pittsburgh, Miller’s father, Mark McCormick, attended the event and shared his love and memories of his late son. “He remained loyal to his friends,” his father spoke. “He was always loving and kind to others.”

Mac’s father also addressed the importance of pursuing your dreams, in which his son achieved as an artist. His words of wisdom gave fans hope after he confirmed, “I don’t care if you want to be an artist, you want to be an architect, you want to be a musician, you want to be an accountant…whenever that moment happens, I think we have to go all-in on finding the thing we love to do, that gives us joy in life.”

Post Malone, who debuted Hollywood Bleeding on Friday, reflected on his friendship with the rapper during an interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1 radio.

“What an incredible, honestly, what a genuine human being,” Malone expressed. “Mac was the first artist to get me. This guy’s cool as shit. Then to be able to meet him and become friends with him was just like, ‘I look up to you, and now we’re sitting here playing beer pong.’”

On the day of the anniversary, tweets from his peers surfaced in remembrance of Miller:

Whether you listen to Mac’s music or not, what really matters is understanding the impact and inspiration he made amongst his fans, family, and friends.

In the track, “2009” from his recent Grammy-nominated album Swimming, he reminded listeners, “I’m right here when you scared and alone, and I ain’t never in a hurry.” Mac’s lyrics show that he didn’t leave anybody behind. He saw the good in others in this complex world we live in which is something we should all aspire to do.

Even after his passing, Mac’s music and lovable vibe continue to bop and shed light into our hearts. The anniversary of his passing shouldn’t be a time to mourn for him, but instead, a time to commemorate the unfinished legacy that Miller left behind. He had always emphasized how much he had hoped that people will stay true to themselves just like he did from his music. Maybe one day we will find our own “Self Care.”

As he looks down and smiles with Kool-Aid and frozen pizza, rocking Nikes on his feet, Mac will never be forgotten.

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