Damon, Jo, and Misako: My Favorite Virtual Best Friends

As an artist that creates and produces content in the digital space, I try to surround myself with people and inspiration from genuinely good people –even if that means binge-watch videos and read posts from my favorite folks. Let’s cue Damon, Jo, and Misako.

I’ve been keeping up with Damon Dominique and Jo Franco since my early college years, (which was a loooong time ago), and I can tell you that this duo have held a place in my heart as my ‘digital best friends’ and have never failed me. Their videos and travel company, Shut Up and Go, have held my hand when I felt like I lost inspiration and hope in the future. They’ve inspired me to chase after my dreams, travel to places unknown,  know that life is an adventure, and that the only way to live the best life is to get out of my comfort zone.

Damon and Jo are travel gods… and I truly mean that.

They cover EVERYTHING on their travel and lifestyle YouTube Channel. Whether it’s ‘Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone‘, ‘Finding the Perfect Backpack‘, or ‘Finding the Cheapest Flights‘, the duo fuses candid artistry, vibrant voice, and useful information that everyone should know especially if you travel or are looking into a nomadic lifestyle. They’re extremely charismatic and fun, and their personalities are well-suited for the job.

Damon and Jo shed light on REAL life, (and when I mean REAL life, I mean being broke, having big dreams, and not knowing how to achieve them). This made me feel seen, heard, and less alone.

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I SWEAR TO YOU THAT SOME OF OUR FAVORITE TIMES IN OUR LIVES WERE WHEN WE WERE BROKE AF. 💵 I remember this specific photo, we had woken up in a 12-bed hostel dorm and took the public bus to freaking MTV for a general meeting we set up after hours of stalking on LinkedIn and figuring out how the company structures their emails 🤣 Right before we went in, I spilled chocolate milk all over my shirt. They wanted to know how many subscribers we had, but we felt like we had more to offer than just a number representing how viral our videos could be. Nothing came of that meeting, so we walked to the Hollywood Sign, made yet another goofy a$$ video, and took this pic. 💵 You may be broke AF or think life would be better with more money – and like, it IS better…but only on a material level. ONLY 👏🏼 ON 👏🏾 A 👏🏼 MATERIAL 👏🏾 LEVEL 👏🏼 👏🏾 Of course, it’s nice to now be able to afford avocado toast, get TSA Pre-Check, or like, invest in a shirt that costs more than $9.99, but those aren’t the things that make life fun, or *actually* make you happy. 💵 I think we always kind of knew this, but now we definitely know this: it’s such a silly little game – when you don’t have much money, you think that having money will make you so much happier, and then when you get money, you’re just *gradually begins shouting* woRRIED abOUT LOSING IT. WORRIED ABOUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DIPPING BELOW A CERTAIN NUMBER…A CERTAIN NUMBER THAT HAS NOW BECOME YOUR NEW ZERO. IT’S RIDICULOUS. 💵 You know what, in the words of Notorious B.I.G., MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS. We can confirm that one too. LIVE YOUR LIFE. AND NEVER LET IT BE ABOUT THE MONEY.

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When I stumbled across their channel, I immediately had an affinity to them and their friendship. They’ve inspired me to take on bigger dreams and goals in both the personal and professional aspects of my life through their relentless grind and focus on their brand. It’s a shock that they haven’t been picked up by a major network.

Towards the end of my college career (2017-2018), I began to feel the pressure of *actually* achieving the dreams I’ve had and actualizing the ideas I’ve had since 2012. Was I really going to achieve the dreams of international travel and starting my own media company out of basically nothing? Yes, I would! And did! But it wasn’t easy.

For me, Damon and Jo brought new life and ideas to someone that had no idea what the world had to offer me. Misako Envela, however, gave me the emotional support and motivation to create meaningful work from those ideas.

Misako Envela is an angel and an inspirational goddess herself.

I stumbled upon Misako’s channel through Damon and Jo, and I’ve been a better woman ever since. Communicating with the same level of charisma as Damon and Jo, Misako is such a bright, lovely, positive light. She makes such beautiful videos that inspired me to continue with my goals and manifest my future for myself. Pushing past any kind of “inspirational” videos I’ve ever seen, Misako’s content always feel like I’m getting a pep talk from one of my closest and dearest friends.

What Misako did for me was silence the negative voices in my head and gave me a virtual hug that made me feel less alone through her videos. Through her honesty and transparency from her own life, she reminded me of the strength that I have and the reason why I do what I do. She is growing and glowing, and it shows! And her words spread the healing and good energy that everyone needs.

Damon, Jo, and Misako have directly played a role in the major decisions in my life, and I have to thank the internet for that.

The trio have influenced me over the last four years for me to be the woman I was always meant to be, and I can’t thank them enough. I’m currently writing this article for my own company after working all day drafting my own scripts for shows and films that I’m getting ready to make towards the end of this year. I don’t know if I would’ve found the courage to do it without their help.

Follow them and their endeavors here:

Damon Dominique: Instagram / Twitter

Jo Franco: Instagram / Twitter

Misako Envela: Instagram / Twitter

And as a fun little tidbit, I randomly met Damon (and Misako before I knew of her goddess-like nature) at the Grove back in 2017 out of random. We love a good memory.

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