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YouTube Tarot: Your Future Is in Their Cards

Life would be easy, albeit perhaps uneventful if we knew everything that was going to happen during our lifetime.

As someone with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an appreciation for planning, being all-knowing doesn’t sound so bad to me.

Unfortunately, being omniscient is not a human characteristic.

Despite my need to know everything, as most would, I err on the side of caution of all things related to psychics, palm readings, and predictions of the future.

That said, when I came across the Charmed Intuition Tarot video “Pick a Card 🔮 What Is Your Destiny,” on YouTube, I couldn’t help but indulge.

Could my destiny really be in a stack of cards on some stranger’s table?

The title alone intrigued me, but what sealed my fate was that I would have the opportunity to explore the world of tarot in secret and for free.

Having originated as the bridge-like card game, Tarocchi, tarot cards were for leisure rather than mystical intervention. Today, however, tarot cards fall into the realm of occult practices — too taboo to openly practice or enjoy.

Emerging as an underground for the tarot scene, cartomancers are quickly gaining subscribers on the video-sharing service. No longer do people have to coerce their friends into a card reader’s lair under the guise of drunken spontaneity. Instead, they can comfortably peek into their future without the fear of being judged.

With Soothing tones and hopeful messages, its easy to see how these videos can pull you in and keep you. Readers, although they don’t know you and likely never will seem like they’re your friend. Part spiritual guide and therapist, these intuitive content creators provide messages of what’s to come or offer insight into what may be your current situation.

Skeptics may have trouble getting behind the credibility of these videos, but that lends itself to their popularity.

These choose you own adventure-esque videos allow viewers to pick the stack that resonates with them, but more so, gives non-believers the opportunity to try tarot without having to buy into it.

Formulated around viewers choosing between a set of stacks, those that aren’t sold on their message may not change their mind, but perhaps they chose the wrong group.

That’s not to say that you need to put much stock in the information they give you, but rather, you can use it as a tool to help you better understand yourself or as source of hope for the future.

Whether you’re a believer or not, I implore you to watch a tarot video. In fact, the card readers are probably expecting you.

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