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Get Ready for Life Is Beautiful With This Playlist

Life Is Beautiful (LIB) is on the horizon, but have you been sleeping on the performers?

LIB is an annual utopia with an intoxicating atmosphere that promises excess and delivers it.

Although it will be hard to decide your game plan for the weekend, any financially conscious person will tell you to get your money’s worth by maximizing your time.

Fortunately, the lineup is jam-packed with a diverse selection of talent, but of them, attendees are bound to stumble across sets that aren’t usually their gig.

Seasoned LIB devotees understand the importance of seeing as many shows as possible.

Outlining your itinerary around familiar artists is a solid start, but it can leave you feeling left out when the most talked about event wasn’t on your roster.

That said, the result of showing up unprepared to a concert is likely to fall into the 80-20 range.

While you’ll probably enjoy yourself about 80% of the time assuming everything goes well. You’ll spend the other 20% wondering if pretending to know the songs is worth it or if you’re better off just bobbing along to the music.

That ratio is not terrible, but studying up on a few of the scheduled artists can bump up you up to an A+ experience.

With less than seven days until the festival, you won’t be able to memorize the discography of every artist, but we’ve curated a playlist with ten artists from each day (in lineup order) to help you strategize.

Checkout the Life is Beautiful 2019 Playlist on Spotify:

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