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Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day Still Remains An Inspiration

September 15th marked the 10-year anniversary of Kid Cudi’s critically acclaimed debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day.

On Twitter, Cudi, AKA Scott Mescudi, reminisced on the album’s historic success.

Indeed, the Cleveland rapper made a significant impact in hip-hop music through this album. Cudi epitomized experimental art by combining electronic and alternative music with hip-hop, making the genre and album multi-dimensional.

In an era when hip-hop artists were known to express their bravado, fearlessness, and display lives full of luxury, Cudi remained unapologetic with his emotions through the balance of transparent content and melancholy lyrics. With classic hits like “Soundtrack To My Life,” “Day ‘N’ Nite,” and “Pursuit of Happiness,” Mescudi showed fans that it is okay to be vulnerable whether life is going their way or not. Emotions are what make us human.

According to Eric Diep from Complex Music, Cudi’s presence with Man on the Moon “always reminded you that you are not alone in your battles. He is you, and you are him.”

Scott’s work broke barriers and is considered to be an iconic piece in hip-hop history. Even years after its release, the album still holds an endearing influence among artists.

Rapper and producer, Logic, told Josh Glicksman from Billboard, “He opened an entire world sonically for me. It completely reshaped how I wanted to make my music. It showed me that I don’t have to stick in the bubble and don’t necessarily [have to] flow with conformity.”

Astroworld’s Travis Scott added, (according to Patrick Lyons from Stereogum,) “I feel like he’s part of my story… There would be no ‘Travis Scott’ if it wasn’t for him.”

It’s not a surprise that Cudi changed the game for many artists and entertainers as well as the general population of listeners alike. Without his authenticity and creativity, artists and fans wouldn’t find the light they needed in their life. Mr. “Solo Dolo” is one of those artists who provided a helping hand throughout his music. He emphasized that life is a complex journey, but also that we should stay strong no matter what may come along. Kid Cudi’s role in Man on the Moon: The End of Day not only set a shift to his life but also to others.

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