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The Electric Ladies of Life Is Beautiful 2019

Another glorious year of Las Vegas’s Life Is Beautiful has come and passed, and this year’s festival was made for the ladies.

2019’s lineup was built with electric ladies and ethereal goddesses like Maggie Rogers, Janelle Monáe, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

These women not only ushered thousands of attendees to dance, but also were adamant on using their platforms for positive causes. Promoting forward motion on large issues like climate change and gender equality and inclusivity, these powerhouses were sure to deliver messages of love and encouragement for all attendees. Following suit, other female-driven acts like MUNA, the Aces, and others were sure to empower their audiences to take action within their local communities as well as at the festival itself.

Carrying the festival’s ideals and cornerstone beliefs, the women performing at the festival were sure to emphasize the power that we as individuals have within us and the potential we have to change the future.

Embracing the waves of female empowerment and aiming for true, tangible change within the communities of the thousands of people in attendance, these women came together and stood on their platforms to inspire change.

This year’s Life Is Beautiful also had a wonderful female presence in their comedy house, The Kicker, and showcased comedians of every style.

Lighting up the stage, Nikki Glaser, Yamaneika Saunders, and Naomi Ekperigin shook the walls in laughter as they talked about the truths of getting older, dating, having children, keeping up with today’s trends, and the horrendous truths about the cosmetic industry. Through the transparency as well as the hilarity, these women successfully brought out the best attitudes of everyone in attendance. Packing out the house at multiple shows, these ladies were the true stars alongside their fellow performers.

The representation of women was prominent throughout the festival and it was a refreshing touch to this year’s layout.

Bringing light and love to the weekend-long celebration, the women featured at this year’s festival brought forth the true beacon of purpose, potential, and positivity to Downtown Las Vegas. Without them, this festival wouldn’t have such a deep impact as it has had on the crowd.

Janelle Monáe stated it best: “The one hope that I selfishly have is that I can be a memory for you –that we can be a memory for each other. A memory rooted in love.” And that’s what the festival was.

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