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Are You Sleeping: SPOOKED

This is “Are You Sleeping”: a review column about the things you should be listening to, watching, or reading. In this edition, we discuss the podcast SPOOKED.

It stands to reason that as our fireball of a planet edges closer to the global warming-induced haze of endless summer, that corporations would offer us some semblance of a reprieve in the form of earlier releases of pumpkin spice flavoring and fall decor.

If pumpkin cream cold brew and cinnamon apple candles aren’t enough to make you forget that it’s still sweltering in September, perhaps today’s “Are You Sleeping” review can turn your attention away from our impending doom. For now, we can focus on the spooky magic of every millennial’s favorite season, Halloween — and yes, it is a season now.

Halloween season lovers that yearn for something a bit darker than costumes and candy, will undoubtedly be entranced by the wickedness that is SPOOKED.

This paranormal podcast is perfect for those wishing to dabble with the unknown and enjoy frightening themselves.

SPOOKED is a spin-off of the popular podcast, and sometimes live show production, Snap Judgement. These two podcasts are productions of WNYC Studios and are hosted and executive produced by Glynn Washington.

If you listen to Snap, you’ll already know that Washington is someone who very much believes in the supernatural. In both Snap and SPOOKED, he often recalls interactions throughout his childhood where the spirit of his grandmother was with him.

As the ghostly counterpart to Snap, SPOOKED‘s episodes consist of eerie scene-setting narrations by Washington that follow true supernatural tales, usually recounted by the person who experienced them.

These stories span from creepy to truly unexplainable and come from a wide variety of storytellers, including former soldiers, pregnant mothers, and mediums.

As a certified card-carrying member of Weenie Hut Jr., I fully subscribe to the SPOOKED tagline and refuse to listen to the podcast anywhere that doesn’t have several lighting sources.

The majority of the episodes are reported as real events and tell stories ranging from haunted possessions, encounters with spirits/ghosts, to even one woman’s premonition of and then her actual brief death.

As someone who believes in the supernatural to a degree and is a major fraidy cat, each episode of SPOOKED leaves me with goosebumps, and every so often, with a spine chill.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, it shouldn’t hinder your consideration of this podcast. Instead, let your curiosity draw you in, like Aurora to the spindle.

The SPOOKED podcast will not attempt to change your stance on the plausibility of otherworldly accounts; it’s merely an avenue for people to share their experiences of the things that they cannot fully explain.

So far, there are two seasons of SPOOKED available. Traditionally the episodes are released as a countdown to Halloween, so season three should be around the corner.

Try out SPOOKED, if you dare. Fair warning though; you may find yourself never sleeping on anything again!  

SPOOKED can be enjoyed through iTunes, TuneIn, GooglePlay or at

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