Fall Into Fashion With These Instagram Accounts

With the arrival of October, comes the reemergence of limited-time fall favorites.

From pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to fresh apple cider, October is all about indulging your inner demon child.

What sends these little luxuries over the top is that, with the dropping temperatures, you can sport cute, comfy clothing while consuming them.

Fall fashion emphasizes cozy apparel that is both functional and stylish.

Like “PubLIZity’s” Liz G., we love chunky wedges, chunky jewelry, and chunky sweaters, but when oversized sweats make their way into the rotation, it’s easy to look more sloppy than snuggly. 

Creating a flawless fall wardrobe is not easy, so we’ve found five Instagram fashion bloggers whose OOTDs may help you conquer the chilly months ahead. 


Whether you want to channel Friends’ Monica Geller, or want ideas for outfits that pair well with Starbucks cups, Fashioninflux is one of our go-to accounts for outfit inspiration.


Dressing while pregnant can be like trying to hide a prize-winning pumpkin under your clothes. With soft sweaters and floral patterns, Taylordini makes it look easy.


Fall fashion does not have to follow the formula of oversized flannels and Ugg boots ⁠— unless you want it to. Melodyslife shows you how to style autumnal colors with chic pieces for an elevated look.


Modest fashion has a way of looking sophisticated no matter the occasion. Summeralbarcha plays with shapes and colors for outfits that look like they’re ready for the runway.


 Autumn in California is colder than one might expect, but you can still get away with showing some leg. Carlyguisness pairs mini skirts with long sleeves for looks that are hot when you’re a little cold.

If you look to these accounts for outfit inspiration, maybe even you too can become someone’s muse.

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