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Couzens V. Yoshikawa: Five-Timer V. Old-Timer

On December 7th, two Burnaby men will face off in a Vancouver boxing ring.

One is a five-time golden gloves champion welterweight. The other is 59 -years-old and fighting for a cause. Nicknamed “Skill Vs. Will”, this bout will take place at the Scottish Cultural Centre and tickets will be available to the public. With twelve fights on the card, the third will be the 27-year-old, multiple-time Canadian champion Robert “Cool Hands” Couzens facing off against 59-year-old Eiji Yoshikawa.

Photo Source: Mama Fight and all parties included
Photo Source: Mama Fight and all parties included

While the exhibition may seem like a blowout at first glance, victory is not the first thing on Eiji Yoshikawa’s mind. The goal for this event is to help feed hungry children on “Las Islas Filipinas”. Yoshikawa, a resident of Burnaby, fought in a previous exhibition to reach a goal of buying three “tricycles” also known as bicycle taxis in the Philippines. The tricycles will go to disadvantaged boxers in the Philippines, giving them a chance to have a steady income separate from the sport. 

Robert Couzens stated that “We have nothing to prove, but we want this to showcase the sport, to demonstrate some of the finer points of boxing without going all-out.” 

With a 31 year difference in age, Eiji is hoping to inspire others to always pursue their dreams and to never give up. “I’m not Manny Pacquiao, I’m not going in expecting to beat Robert. Am I going to win? No way. But I’m fighting to show I can, to show others how they can overcome difficult challenges.”

By the end of the night, Eiji “The Compassionate Pugilist” is hoping to inspire others and also have the means to give to those who need help. The skill on display will be of a national level, and the will exhibited is going be world class.

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