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The Neighbourhood Swings into the Las Vegas Valley

The Neighbourhood kicked off their tour that features Chip Chrome last weekend, and brought the Chelsea to its knees.

Kicking the Middle of Somewhere tour off on the right foot, the Los Angeles band swung in on a chain and wiped the crowd out. Bringing a sense of wild nights and danger to the audience, the room was going crazy for the opening night.

Coming out as Chip Chrome (pictured above), Jesse Rutherford stunned the crowd with his commitment to the role. Covered in shiny, silver metallic paint, Rutherford opened the show with a ‘Man On the Moon’ type essence. Dancing with a tambourine and gyrating like David Bowie, Chip Chrome is a spectacle.

Only the Neighbourhood could introduce and incorporate such an act and then smoothly transition into the regular scheduled programming.

Fans were fully engulfed in the performance. Shouting every lyric like their lives depended on it, the audience did not shy away from going just as insane as the band was on stage. Singing songs from their newer releases as well as relics from I Love You and Wiped Out!, the night was full of steam and body heat. It was like a beautiful, glamorous funeral for the summer season.

Clouded by the fog that filled the theater and accompanied by haunting red lighting, the Neighborhood was the best way to usher in the spooky season. You know they have THE anthem for the fall.

Catch the Neighborhood on tour. You won’t regret it.

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