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‘Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film’ is a Spiritual-Awakening Experience

Last Thursday, I went out to see a late-night premiere of Kanye West’s film called Jesus Is King.

I’ve been looking forward to watching this film due to the release of Kanye’s newest album also titled by the same name, which has been delayed twice from fans but still garnering national attention.

Here is my personal account regarding viewing Kanye’s Jesus Is King:

Before showtime, I anticipated that Kanye will take us to church with this film.

I remember being mesmerized by a scene where a bright-blue tunnel with golden staircases at the center slowly moving towards me while the voices of the Sunday Service choir echoed as if it symbolized a stairway leading to Heaven.

The choir gathered in a dome (The Roden Crater) worshipping God. The dome, with a small opening at the top, allowed their prophetic voices to reach and cry out towards Heaven.

I recall a few people leaving the theatre early. I realized that the religious aesthetics and premise of the film weren’t for everyone. Still, that didn’t bother me from watching.

Each scene of the film transitioned to specific Bible verses: Mark 1:15, 1 Chronicles 16:25, Ephesians 2:8-9, John 8:12, Philippians 4:23, and John 3:16. A few other scenes showed mountains, hills, and plants to represent the beauty of our world. Those scenes made me realize that God is a wonderful creator.

At the end of the film, the choir ended worship with an emotional intervention. Each member prayed and embraced each other as if God’s love was present. Kanye later reflected on his life and his Heavenly Father, leading to a close-up of him holding his 6-month-old child, Psalm, while singing an acapella version of “Use This Gospel” (also in the album featuring Clipse and Kenny G).

Jesus Is King lasted for about 30 minutes. Although the film could’ve been longer, I left the theatre spiritually fulfilled.

As a Christian myself, the film felt like an actual church service. I can recollect closing my eyes, getting chills, bobbing my head, urging to raise my hands, and praising God for everything He has done in my life. Through this film, I believed that Kanye intended to share a positive testimony that leads the world to Jesus Christ and share the power of the Gospel.

Whether you like him or not, you have to respect Kanye for his honesty, transparency, and speaking the truth about the Man Above.

I don’t know if he fully changed as a person, but I can tell that this man has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations in his life. Witnessing Yeezy coming to Christ through Jesus Is King shows that God is real and miracles happen.

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