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The Frights & The Story So Far Take On Las Vegas On Their Fall Tour

California native bands, The Frights and The Story So Far, take on Las Vegas’s House Of Blues on their fall tour.

Promising as ever, this fully-stacked lineup was a pleasure to see live this past Sunday.

Bringing the sensations, sounds, and songs from the west coast, The Frights led the audience to a frenzy as they riffed during their set. Upbeat, raw, and punchy, fans were getting rowdy and singing along in full spirit.

“We usually play here in Vegas at Eagle Aerie Hall. Eh, it’s about the same size right?”

Frights’s frontman, Mikey Carnevale, noted the seemingly poignant growth of a venue size for the band as they had been playing at local gig houses previously. Bringing the crowd on their feet to dance and amping up the atmosphere, the Frights brought the packed-out House of Blues to their knees.

Ending the night right, The Story So Far brought the best out of the audience.

The Story So Far
Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for the Story So Far

Mixing songs from every point of their discography as well as touching on every tone and emotion, The Story So Far carried the crowd throughout their entire set. With a stunning set-up and the feeling of gratitude after the crowd sang every song, the entire band resonated with the audience. It was an overwhelmingly beautiful and genuine exchange that had to be experienced IRL.

The Story So Far brought the true essence and beauty of the live music experience forward and placed the crowd front and center.

The night was full of joy, passion, and a resounding point of transparency between the bands and the audience.

This roadshow is a must-see. You can find a date near you here:

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