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Case for MVP: Luka Doncic

Dallas Mavericks’ very own Luka Doncic is taking the NBA by storm.

In his second season in the league and coming off from a strong Rookie of the Year campaign, Doncic’s dominance makes the NBA look like a walk in a park. Every night, it seems as though the Mavs star is already making headlines due to incredible performances. Even though it has been a month since the 2019-2020 season started, Luka should be in the conversation for the MVP title.

According to, the 6’7” guard from Slovenia is attributing 29.9 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 9.7 assists per game so far. With these statistics, Luka almost averages a triple-double in a season, a rare accomplishment in the game.

Speaking of triple-doubles, Luka even leads the league in the category with seven and has put up fifteen triple-doubles in his career total. His stats show that he performs at the highest and all-around level.

Can you also believe that he is only 20 years old?

In a win against the Spurs on November 18th, Luka tallied 40 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds. A 40-point triple-double! He and LeBron James are the only players in NBA history to record those numbers before turning 21.

LeBron, his idol, paid respects on the young blood’s skills after escaping the Mavs in overtime on November 1st. From Scott Gleeson on USA Today, James stated, “I love his game, his ability to not only create shots from himself, but you guys know I love the fact that he can get great looks for his teammates. That’s what I thrive on, that’s what I’ve always believed in, and he just plays the game the right way.”

To those who have been paying attention, it is no surprise that this kid could dominate in the NBA.

Back in 2017, Goran Dragic, guard from the Miami Heat and fellow teammate from the Slovenia national team, always knew that Luka is a special player.

“He’s going to be the best player in Europe in a couple years,” Dragic predicted (according to Nico Martinez from Fadeaway World). “Trust me on that. The NBA too. He’s a born winner. I’m not kidding…Mark my words. He’s going to be one of the best in the whole world.”

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle also sees greatness in Luka’s game, hence the reason why they drafted him last year. “This guy can do everything he wants on a basketball a court,” Carlisle acknowledges, also reported by Scott Gleeson from USA Today. “He’s having just those magical runs right now. It’s a phenomenal thing to watch. It’s a phenomenal thing to be a part of.”

With Luka’s presence, the Mavericks are off to a great start of the season with an 11-5 winning record. When fans think of the Mavs, the legendary Dirk Nowitzki comes to mind.

Now, a new sheriff is in town. Luka’s career is just getting started, and who knows what he’ll bring to the table in the next few years.

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