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Are You Sleeping: Casey Aonso

This is “Are You Sleeping”: a review column about the things you should be listening to, watching, or reading. In this edition, we discuss Casey Aonso’s YouTube channel.

Happy 2020 y’all. Welcome back to Are You Sleeping? It’s only January, and the year is already popping off, but we’ll start you off this year on the lighter side.

Today’s recommendation is Casey Aonso’s YouTube channel.

Aonso is a college-aged YouTuber from Canada. Her channel generally consists of commentary videos about other YouTube channels and trending topics. Casey offers humorous critics of these videos and provides a women’s voice in the mostly male-dominated commentary video field.

According to Casey, her channel began as a lifestyle and beauty channel. Recently, however, she has incorporated many new elements into her channel.

A newer component and a major staple of her back catalog are Young Adult (YA) book reviews.

These reviews are great and insightful, so much so that I’ve even enjoyed her reviews for books I have not read.

In her reviews, Casey can admit to enjoying a cheesy romance but still acknowledges corny lines or storylines that don’t make sense. She is critical of authors who seem to create content to rid waves of popular themes or topics and doesn’t hesitate to point out problematic storylines, even in the books she likes.

If you enjoy the YA genre, I strongly recommend watching her reviews and following her book recommendations.

About a year ago, Casey shifted her channel to focus more on commentary videos. These videos cover topics like the MAGA singing challenge videos, reviewing the e-boys of TikTok, and reacting to popular teen drama tv shows.

Another staple of Casey’s channel is her music Mondays. You will only find a few of these on her YouTube channel, because of copyright issues. That said, if you wish to check out her recommendations, she still does these, but they are now on her Instagram.

Casey’s style of video is very casual and down to earth, with no quick cuts or random screams. Her content is easily enjoyed at any time of day.

Personally, I like to watch her videos while getting ready in the morning for work.

Currently, Casey’s channel has 232k subscribers and is more of a low key channel.

If you are looking for quality content on YouTube, check Casey Aonso out. And if you like her, subscribe.

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