Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Inspired by the Five Love Languages

Valentine’s Day, a commercial and somewhat competitive holiday, is quickly approaching.

While February 14th is a day meant to encourage people to show their loved ones they care through various expressions of love, this high steaks day can steer relationships toward bliss or breakup. Whether you are in a relationship or trying to be, the only surefire way to fail the holiday is to avoid it altogether.

If you are unable to satisfy their desire for — per the suggestions of Adore Me— bling bling, legal help, or the elimination of student loan debt, using their love language as a guide can be your saving grace.

For those unfamiliar with the five love languages, it boils down to how people like to give and receive love.

Although you can try to use previous experiences to help you determine their love language, this can also be an excellent opportunity to open dialogue between you two on how to best meet each other’s needs.

This approach will surely earn you brownie points, and to aid you in securing a merit badge for a successful love day, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gift suggestions.

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Words of Affirmation

This love language means your lovebug thrive off words of encouragement. A heartfelt card or letter will go a long way with them. The Knock Knock What I Love About You fill in the book, also available in Spanish, is a fantastic keepsake that will put your silly, sexy, and sappy thoughts into words.

Photo Source: Amazon - Knock Knock What I Love About You
Photo Source: Amazon – Knock Knock What I Love About You

Receiving Gifts

This love language is straightforward but can be tricky. While these people may seem materialistic, a gift that shows you care about their interests is what they’re after. For some, a card, box of chocolate, or flowers will do, that said, a thoughtful gift can be as simple as surprising them with their favorite drink. The 3D Innovation Crystal Key Chain is great for these sweeties because it’s a simple yet elegant reminder of your love that they can take where ever they go.

Photo Source: Amazon - 3D Innonvations Crystal Keychain
Photo Source: Amazon – 3D Innonvations Crystal Keychain

Quality Time

This love language means your cutie requires QT. Spending time together and being with each other is what matters most to these babes. Flowjo’s The Couple’s Bucket List will have your honey’s heart soaring, as this cute box is filled with conversation starters and date night ideas for the two of you to explore and enjoy together.

Photo Source: Amazon - The Couple's Bucket List
Photo Source: Amazon – Flowjo’s The Couple’s Bucket List

Acts of Service

This love language requires that you give them not only your heart but also a hand. Your lover shows their appreciation for you by assisting you with projects, feeding you, or doing household chores. To demonstrate they you can also be helpful, a Tile can help you, help them locate their items that frequently wander off.

Photo Source: Amazon - Tile Mate
Photo Source: Amazon – Tile Mate

Physical Touch

This love language is all about contact and connection. A tight embrace and lingering kisses make the apple of your eye melt. The promise of a back rub is something they don’t take for granted. A Valentine’s date night can end with a DIY couple’s massage using Vivreal’s Handheld Back Massager that will likely be fun and satisfying for both parties.

Photo Source: Amazon - Vivreal Handheld Back Massager
Photo Source: Amazon – Vivreal Handheld Back Massager

Armed with this new incite, preparing for romantic doomsday should be a breeze. All this considered, as long as you show your sweetie you care, your efforts should be appreciated. If not, it may be time to begin uncoupling. 

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