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Viral Marketing & The Deep Influence of TikTok: Beauty

In case you weren’t already aware, TikTok is changing major industries and blowing the minds of business professionals and corporations all over the world.

With a simple and straight-forward business model and an algorithm to boot, TikTok is directly (and effectively) effecting business growth and global sales in the most unexpected ways through the influence of such a young, impressionable audience.

Viewers get direct customer testimonials as well as a peek at the attainability of running a small makeup brand and opening up the ideas of buying items wholesale. Not all the brands that hit this viral hotspot are mainstream, big name brands either. The app and its users actually seem to be bored with common household names, branching out and allowing regular consumers on the “#ForYouPage #FYP” to be exposed to not only new names and smaller brands, but to new ways of approaching beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and the business behind it.

A Screenshot of Beautonomy’s Custom Palette site

Sure –everybody’s feed is a little different and customized to your own experience and interests thanks to the algorithm, but! Businesses that are hitting viral sensations are legitimately going through a “Kate Middleton’s blue dress” effect, (which means that the influx of sales is in such high demand, suppliers are finding it difficult to fulfill the amount of purchases coming in –causing them to sell out and lock down for months just to fulfill the orders that have bum-rushed their online stores all at once.)

Users from all over the world are catching a whiff of attainable beauty hacks, high-quality (yet hush-hush) items, and new business ventures (like creating your own makeup products and lines), and flocking over to get in on the action.

Some major trends that have been hitting the fan over the last month are:

The e.l.f. Gentle Peeling Exfoliating Mask

This gentle peeling mask has shown to be an affordable exfoliant that can supposedly show you the dirt and dead skin coming off of your face almost instantly. Intriguing viewers with such quick and drastic results, people are ripping these bottles off the shelves just to test it out themselves.

Color Changing, pH Lipsticks

These adorable lipstick-shaped lip balms have been stunning viewers on TikTok by using pH technology to adjust to the perfect shade of pink that suits your lip color. Various companies have similar products with the same capabilities –it really just depends on your preference in packaging and willingness to settle for a brand you’ve never tried before.

The rae. Metabolism Drops

Image from via VICE Media

Unfortunately, the rae. Metabolism Drops were pulled off of the market after the wellness drops were catching massive attention from teens. The company states in a VICE article and rae.’s wellness blog, Shine, that: “We became concerned when we started to notice a conversation emerge: teenage girls misusing the product alongside conversation about weight loss. All of our products are formulated for, and marketed to, adult women 18 and older.” Target took the product off its shelves immediately after announced.

Other major TikTok trends that are blowing up the cosmetic industry are ones that are encouraging its young audience to “secure the bag” by having a “side hustle” like creating your own mini-beauty lines at home.

As inspiring and innovative as it may seem, the beauty community is being flooded with new, bright-eyed hopefuls flightily creating their own cosmetic lines and buying up bulk quantities of cosmetic packaging, wholesale beauty items, all the way down to the raw ingredients in the hopes to be the new Colourpop.

Giving a different light and life to smaller suppliers as well as international fulfillment sites, young adults everywhere are launching their own cosmetics because of the social media app and the exposure other young entrepreneurs are giving its audience. But is it reputable? TikTok’s demographic is extremely impressionable, and a lot of the tools being marketed on the app are lower-grade or not reviewed/approved by the appropriate health organizations as to seem affordable and accessible for everyone. While it’s endearing that so many people want to take up new hobbies, professional training, testing, and permitting should still be taken place before attempting distribution of such products.

Concerning as it is, some sold-out, hot cosmetic business trends are:

DIY Acrylic Nail Application

Users everywhere are flocking to buy nail drills and acrylic nail application kits off of Amazon. There are hundreds of videos on TikTok that even show you how to apply said nails and how to go about mixing and putting acrylic together.

Making Lipgloss & Selling Lashes

Ahhh yes, the wonders of having your own lipgloss line. Easy, right? Just take a few ingredients and whip ’em up and sell it! And lashes? Just find some packaging and buy in bulk! And it’s affordable?! SAY NO MORE, SIS. That’s what is currently happening on both TKB Trading and Attainable, sure. Should you do it?….. *trails off*.

Cosmetic Customization

“Best Boyfriend in the World Check!” After a couple posted their viral custom eyeshadow palette, viewers everywhere ran to make their own palettes on and ended up selling out their custom palettes. I believe they’re still trying to rebuild and restock after the massive seemingly-overnight influx that hit their site.

Is the market being burnt out and oversaturated because of TikTok? Here’s a few things to think about:

The impact of TikTok’s influence is mind-boggling. The “TikTok made me buy it” trend grows more and more as the days pass, and it is seemingly unpredictable. Major companies are working their hardest to get a piece of the action, but a lot of the time, TikTok’s audience sees past it which makes trends unpredictable and authentic. The app’s virality and algorithm is impressive, and there’s thousands of videos and millions of sales to prove it. But is it long lasting?

What happens when company’s restock even more of their once-viral products and the sales push fades? What happens when trends die off only to be replaced by other quick trends that are more impressive? Is this going to effect the multi-million dollar cosmetic industry?

It’s hard to say what can come next when this social media juggernaut exists. Health regulation concerns, case-by-case censorship, and potential user error will only leave both companies and viewers even more vulnerable, but it may be on the horizon. Only time will tell.

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