#SocialDistancing: Things to Keep You Busy During This Really Weird Time

The world is currently in a weird phase. If you have been living under a rock, (which would honestly be the safest place for you,) the entire world has been quarantining all of humanity to protect us all from the COVID-19 outbreak.

People everywhere are panic-buying hoards of resources and locking their houses down to help “Flatten the Curve”, refraining from going out, and taking every necessary measure to save as many people as possible by sanitizing and staying home. The streets are barren, stores are closed, and every social outing has been cancelled. And as much as it’s helping get the environment and getting everyone in touch with their own mental health and practice, a lot of people are just plain bored.

To help you get through being couped up in the house all day, companies and organizations everywhere are doing what they can to keep you preoccupied, (and honestly… it’s pretty outstanding seeing the community come together like this.)

Here is a list of the most intriguing things you can partake in to practice #SocialDistancing at home without breaking the bank:

The Metropolitan Opera Streams Nightly!

The Metropolitan Opera, as well as other major international Opera houses have opened up their digital doors for audiences everywhere to digitally attend and watch the most elegant and prestigious operas ever performed on their sites for FREE. The Met Opera states:

“During this extraordinary and difficult time, the Met hopes to brighten the lives of our audience members even while our stage is dark. Each day, a different encore presentation from the company’s Live in HD series is being made available for free streaming on the Met website, with each performance available for a period of 23 hours, from 7:30 p.m. EDT until 6:30 p.m. the following day. The schedule will include outstanding complete performances from the past 14 years of cinema transmissions, starring all of opera’s greatest singers.”

To view the Met Opera’s nightly performances, click here. To access the full comprehensive list of other opera houses that offer similar services (published by OperaWire), click here.

Take Free Online Classes from Ivy League Schools (By Digitally Auditing with Class Central)!

One major steal that you can take part of while in self-quarantine is taking free Ivy League courses and learn from the nations most prestigious college programs. Circulated and made viral by everyone’s Facebook feed, freeCodeCamp has provided a comprehensive list of free online classes that you can participate in during the next 30 days. Why not come out of the lockdown smarter and well-rounded in a new talent, field, or skill?

Founder of Class Central, Dhawal Shah, shows us “Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free”.

The Newest Edition of The Sims, (Sims 4,) is Just $5!

One of the world’s most iconic video games, The Sims, has a spring sale! For a limited time only, that means the Sims 4 is just $5!!! What better way to #sociallydistance yourself! Build a new life digitally while you’re locked inside. You know you want to.

Purchase the legendary game at that low, low price here.

JSTOR is Open to the General Public!

The infamous online academic resource, JSTOR, has opened its access to the general public! You can now access thousands of academic papers and research/resource material just by going to without having to be on a school laptop. Grow yourself by educating yourself from certified professionals and the plethora of their academic papers! (Trust me, it’s cooler than it sounds.)

Oddity & Company Host Daily Activities!

From Monday-Saturday, our company has different activities that you can take part of that make you feel less alone! From Netflix Watch Parties with Desiree to Meditation Mornings with Mariah, we as a company try to keep you busy and keep you centered during this crazy and chaotic time. Together, we believe that we can get through this!

These are just five of the hundreds of really cool things you can do during this hard, trying time. All I can say is: use this time to reflect and grow as best you can. Like Ariana says, “just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’.”

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