Five Virtual Dating Ideas to Try With Your Tinder Bae

In the age of Covid-19, social distancing is the best way for us all to do our part.

While this lifesaving measure is critical, self-isolation is isolating.

Even for seasoned homebodies on the same wave as pregnant Kylie Jenner, loneliness and boredom are among the top emotions people are cycling through. In combination, these emotions are fuel for questionable decisions, and in my case — along with many others — that meant re-downloading Tinder.


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Rapid swiping in the name of journalism is all fun and games until dates are on the table. Meeting in person had its risks before, but should be entirely off the table now.

Quarantine Baes are a dime a dozen, so don’t feel pressured to leave the house for anyone. Instead, below is a list of five digital dating ideas that are low effort, risk, and commitment. All of which allow you to be indoors, dressed down, and with a technology issue exit strategy.

Netflix Party

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This Google Chrome Extension allows users to chat while simultaneously steaming movies or shows. Either person can start the party, but both of you must have access to a Netflix account to use this feature. If Tinderella does not have Netflix, you should try our other date ideas, because sharing your password is ill-advised.

Online Gaming

Texting games, like cup pong and 8 Ball, can keep conversations fun and light. If, however, you prefer not to give out your number, multiplayer games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are available on various platforms. Who doesn’t want to get their yeehaw on, or share the island sunset?

Playlist Sharing

Making and sharing a playlist with your boo is a modern take on a romantic throwback. This old school approach can create a very sentimental moment and can be an excellent way to see if your music tastes are compatible. You can take turns sharing songs and music videos, or listening with them on Discord. Singing along and dancing is optional.

Video Chatting

If you and your quarantined cutie are ready to see each other, video chatting is the way to go. The benefits of meeting this way include wearing pajama pants, not having to share snacks, and a “poor connection” if the date goes south. For those that have become social media friends and followers (and don’t want to give out their number), most of these platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat, allow users to video chat.

Dating Bucket List

Some people on dating apps are just playing games right now (me), but others may be trying to develop a real relationship. Whichever category you fall into, creating a dating bucket list with your match can ensure that if or when you meet up, you both will enjoy it. To do this, you can research different date places, and talk about what you would want to get or do there. Depending on your commitment level, y’all can share pictures and links or create a shared document.

There’s no guarantee that these dates will be more successful than an in-person date, but have fun, wash your hands, and, most importantly, STAY INSIDE.


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If they are insisting on meeting you irl — ditch them. Do not waste your time on someone who doesn’t value the health and safety of others.

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