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The Oddity & Company Challenge: Let’s Hear It for the Healthcare Workers!

The last few months have been a massive change for all of us worldwide because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the chaos and the stress, the world was looking for heroes to step up to the plate and healthcare workers were at the front lines. With death tolls rising and the world being under attack, healthcare workers worked night and day to keep the general public safe and help everyone recover accordingly.

Here are a few healthcare workers that have been impacting the Las Vegas Valley that we wanted to spotlight for this quarter’s Oddity & Company challenge!

Paul Martin G.

Paul Martin is a Critical Care Nurse currently working on the IMC Unit at Summerlin Hospital. He’s coming up on his first year as a Registered Nurse. Nominated by family and friends, he had shared critical information when asked about his experience in the healthcare field during the pandemic, he said: “The past two months or so have been quite a whirlwind at work for all of us Nurses. My biggest advice to the public is to avoid going out in public as much they possibly can. Try to adhere to the Stay-At-Home guidelines at much as possible and limit interactions with other people to decrease the chance exposure of the virus. “

He followed with: “The situation that we are in is not forever, we just need to do our best and do our part so we can get through this together. If that means putting a hold on a vacations or a birthday party then why not? There is always next year. If you don’t have to do it, don’t do it. COVID-19 is a virus that doesn’t shy from anyone. It doesn’t care how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, the color of your skin, or how old you are. From 18 to 96 years of age, I’ve seen this virus affect both lives. It’s a threat to every single one of us. Please be advised and educated on this topic. Do your research, and don’t believe everything you see/hear on social media/national television. “

Paul Martin’s spirits were high as he shared a delightful tidbit: “Let’s help each other out as much as we can in every way possible. Follow the safety precautions when you can and guard yourself when you need to go out for essentials. We’re all in this pandemic together. Let’s do the most to flatten the curve so we don’t over load the healthcare system. Stay happy and healthy! “

Kimberly R.

Kimberly is also a Registered Nurse at one of the busiest hospitals in Las Vegas. Nominated by her sister, Kristal, Kimberly has worked countless hours with her team to care for Southern Nevada against the pandemic amongst other cases that come in. When we asked Kristal about what makes Kimberly stand out, Kristal shared:

“Kimberly Raquel deserves to be nominated because of the effort she puts into each of her shifts. She and all the healthcare workers put their lives on the lines each day to make sure others can live and recover during this time. I’m proud to see her strength and care each and everyday day. She leaves all her troubles behind outside of work once she’s on shift to make sure she takes the best care of her patients.”

David D.

David D. is a Registered Nurse, working hard and keeping up positive mindsets while working in the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas’s healthcare system. Nominated by a friends, David shines bright in his environment.

When asked about his key tips to surviving and staying safe during the pandemic, he shared: “Always wash your hands prior placing your mask when going outside. Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, even your mask when out in public.) Hand hygiene is key! Also cleaning/sanitizing your phone daily! Cell phones hold a lot of bacteria. As far as other tips: It’s important to be kind to one another and reaching out to express how your feeling (lonely, sad, frustrated, etc.). It’s a hard time for everyone and people are responding in different ways. Mental health should be monitored in this pandemic. We have to take care of ourself mental and physically in order to recover quick.”

Insightful and sweet, even in this crazy time, these healthcare workers as well as hundreds of healthcare workers across the globe are the real superheroes of our time. We appreciate you!

All images and quotes were permitted to us courtesy of those submitting nominations as well as the recipients.

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