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UFC 249 Preview: Murder Hornets, Pandemics, and April Fools

To most people, the coronavirus came as a shocking surprise.

There were those who predicted a respiratory pandemic coming years before it happened such as Bill Gates. However, MMA fans saw it coming from a mile away. Maybe not a global pandemic, but they knew something was coming to take away Ferguson vs. Khabib from finally happening.
Scheduled for the fifth time over five years. It had become tradition to prolong the inevitable disaster.

Perhaps the most cruel of the circumstances: on April 1st, Tony Ferguson announced that the fight was to be rescheduled for April 7th 2018. Since then the curse has become a joke that old-heads pass on to newer fans. This rematch was due to a global pandemic, but next time it could be anything –maybe even murder hornets.

This cancellation has paved the way for Justin Gaethje to finally inject himself into the lightweight title.

Gaethje came into the UFC undefeated and has torched the lightweight division ever since. Never before has a fighter embodied the immortal pre fight words of Mr. T, “my prediction? Pain.” If you are going to fight Justin Gaethje, you are going to get hurt. Bad. Win, loss, or draw, Justin Gaethje will apply bodily harm to your being.

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson is the kind of crazy to enjoy the harm that will befall him.

Twelve straight wins and nearly eight years since he took an ‘L’. It is a big leap strategizing for Khabib and then taking on a fight against Gaethje on short notice. In a recent reddit AMA, Dana White expressed his disappointment that he never got to make the Ferguson vs Khabib bout, as if it has already set sail in his mind. And it’s a done-deal. Gaethje will take out Old Man Cucuy. Not so fast, Dana. Gaethje inflicts pain but Tony is the kind of fighter that enjoys it and bites down on his mouthpiece for more.

Questions? The years of damage to Tony Ferguson’s body might be a serious issue if his knee problems begin to bother his movement. Will he be 100% going in to the fight, especially in the current state of the world?

Tony Ferguson is hittable and hurt-able, but his ability to recover has saved him up to this point. Gaethje is a sharp and accurate finisher, so what will supersede? Tony’s chin has held up so far, but rock solid chins crack eventually. Can he take Justin Gaethje’s serious power?

Gaethje’s style has been tweaked over his last few fights to try and somewhat limit the amount of damage he takes. The new style focuses more on patiently waiting for an opportunity to land with power, is this style more conducive to a win vs Ferguson, or is this style going to get him drowned under Tony’s pressure?

Justin Gaethje KO 1.

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