Art, Entertainment, and the Odd Things in Life.

Oddity & Company is an international media company and publication that showcases individuality and the latest in music, movies, lifestyle, and more.  Choosing to operate against the grain, Oddity & Company hopes to inspire you to think outside the box by influencing you through our publication, films, and podcasts.

Meet our team!

Desiree Tolentino, Owner & Editor

Mariah Berry, Co-Owner & Editor

Our Staff:

We have a plethora of people that contribute and work hard to get our publications running. The following list of people are our staff and in-house contributors:

Gaspar Bothe, Creative & Branding Assistant

Julian Fortaleza, Sports & Film Writer

Christian Mendoza, Sports & Entertainment Writer

Mike Hernandez, Music & Gaming Writer

Hana Gutierrez, Contributing Writer

Brad Antonio, Contributing Writer

Alexis Riendeau, Contributing Writer

Ashley Johnson, Contributing Writer

Justine To, Contributing Writer

If you’d like to join our team, write for us, or submit a story, apply here.