The Company

Art, Entertainment, and the Odd Things in Life.

Oddity & Company is an international media company and publication that showcases individuality and the latest in music, movies, lifestyle, and more.  Choosing to operate against the grain, Oddity & Company hopes to inspire you to think outside the box by influencing you through our publication, films, and podcasts.

Meet our team!

Desiree Tolentino, Owner & Editor

Mariah Berry, Co-Owner & Editor

Our Staff:

We have a plethora of people that contribute and work hard to get our publications running. The following list of people are our staff and in-house contributors:

Gaspar Bothe, Creative & Branding Assistant

Julian Fortaleza, Sports & Film Writer

Christian Mendoza, Sports & Entertainment Writer

Mike Hernandez, Music & Gaming Writer

Hana Gutierrez, Contributing Writer

Brad Antonio, Contributing Writer

Alexis Riendeau, Contributing Writer

If you’d like to join our team, write for us, or submit a story, apply here.