I met Melissa A. (as well as her sister, Jess) in the crowd of a Stromae concert about two years ago. Melissa has always housed the brightest of smiles and the sweetest of hearts. During her portrait session, we talked briefly about life, what brings her joy and what she sees as a portrait of love.

Desiree: “What’s something that helps you main constant positivity and also helps you achieve happiness daily?”

Melissa A: “Quality time with others is what keeps me happy. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known a person or how close they are. Just being in that moment and cherishing the time shared keeps me going.”

Desiree: “Where did you see your first images and examples of true love?”

Melissa A:My parents still go on dates together. And I love seeing that. After all this time, their love is like it’s brand new. I hope someday I get to have that.”