An Interview with Tony Esposito of White Reaper!

A few weeks back, I got to hang out with  the up-and-coming rock band, White Reaper.

The fun-loving, charismatic, rock-n-roll band from Louisville, Kentucky made their way down to the desert to perform for the Las Vegas crowds in November as they closed out their 2017 cycle for their newest album, the World’s Best American Band.

Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for White Reaper (2017)
Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for White Reaper (2017)

And White Reaper lives up to the album name. The guys were kind and goofy and were seemingly excited to be performing their own headlining show in Vegas for the first time. I got to Ask Lead singer and frontman, Tony Esposito, about his thoughts on the headlining tour and how tour has been for the band in 2017:

Desiree: Tony! It’s nice to finally meet! Are you guys excited to be playing in Vegas for the first time?

Tony: Extremely excited! We’ve never played our own headling show in Vegas before. It’s going to be nice!

What’s been the best part about being on tour?

Honestly, I love seeing new places. You get to try a lot of new food. The places we get to stay are amazing. And even the venues we play at have been pretty spectacular. It’s so great to be able to see such different places. It’s amazing to be a band on tour and see all these different places.

Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for White Reaper (2017)
Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino for White Reaper (2017)

What has been the most important lesson that you’ve learned on tour?

Sleep. Sleep as much as you can… And eat healthy. Eating healthy is tough when you’re constantly traveling and moving but that’s honestly the key to surviving tour.

What are some of your goals as a band for 2018?

I hope we play everywhere we played in 2017 again. I want to see if we can make it down to Europe and maybe Asia. [We’re] Just trying to perform in as many places as we can next year. You never know.

Is there a specific memory that you guys have from this tour?

The shows on this cycle have been great. There have been a few times where people in on tour have ended up in some hospitals for multiple reasons. As far as memorable experiences go, those are always the first to come to mind. You never know what’s going to happen on tour.

The show was outstanding, and it was such a pleasure hanging out with the guys before their set. You can find more about White Reaper, their killer tracks, and their upcoming tours at:

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