A Look Back at Life Is Beautiful 2017

Last year, we had the opportunity to cover the Life Is Beautiful festival in beautiful Downtown part of Las Vegas, Nevada!

Full of life, love, and excitement for the future, Life Is Beautiful showcases the world’s most unique artists, creators, and chefs by bringing them together for this three-day extravaganza. With the intent to bring the best out of people as well as bring the world together, the 2017 Life Is Beautiful Festival lived up to expectations.

The festival does an amazing job in ringing in a new culture for the Downtown area, as well as bring life to the Las Vegas entertainment scene. With a three-day celebration and thousands upon thousands of adoring fans worldwide, it’s no wonder why the festival continues to grow as fast as it has been.

We can’t wait to see what the momentous festival has in store for its attendees this year!

Here is our favorite live performance moments from both the 2016 and 2017 Life Is Beautiful Festival, (taken by Desiree Tolentino):



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