Meet our team!

Our Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Photo Source: Desiree Tolentino
Desiree Tolentino, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Desiree Tolentino is the definition of the word “odd”, but for all the right reasons. Desiree is a classic-rock-loving documentarian, writer, live entertainment photographer, and journalist from the Bay Area.

Back in 2015, Desiree had hit a plateau in her life. The world around her had seemed to go topsy-turvy and negativity seemed to reign free. Disgusted and terrified, Desiree began to imagine a business that focused on spreading love, creativity, and acceptance of all people. And so she did just that and created Oddity & Company.

Honing in her craft and talent, her aim is to create media, apparel, and content that will inspire others to be proud of who they are, individually, and conjure up a positive outlook on life and the importance of loving others.

Our Director of Development

Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza, Director of Development

When looking for the right person to be Oddity & Company’s Director of Development and overseer of growth and opportunity, we couldn’t find anyone as bright and as optimistic as Christian Mendoza.

Christian is an avid basketball fan and hip-hop aficionado that brings light and positivity to our company and works hard bringing new ideas to our company’s table. He writes for both our digital and physical medias and brings something different and wonderful every time. Can he kick it? Yes, he can.